001_About Uli Fischer – Trainer Coach for energetic Transformation EN

“Digital and Human Transformation are two sides of the same coin. You can’t separate them. To achieve breakthrough innovation you need to set the right culture.

Dipl. oec. troph.  Uli Fischer


“I support individuals and teams in organizations with their personal transformation and evolution to increase life energy.

Uli Fischer is a consultant, trainer and coach for human transformation and natural intelligence.

He is the founder of Fischer Evolution Consulting.

As a speaker he inspires his audience with his philosophical view on the truth of reality to see the world and themselves from a new perspective.

To support his clients in the processes of self-knowledge and self-realization, he has developed transformative seminars, inspiring learning adventures, and out-of-the-ordinary vacation retreats.

In the last 18 years he has used his special methods to help executives and teams in over 30 international companies achieve extraordinary ways of thinking and seeing, innovative solutions, more energy and ultimately success and efficiency.

Already four times he re-started his life completely anew. With his experience of mastering the fear of change and his understanding of spiritual and nature-based principles of success, he has helped hundreds of clients to find the shortest path to a more meaningful, healthier life beyond their imagination.

His mission is to support humanity in the current global and collective transformation process. In his coaching sessions and seminars, he provides his clients with clarity, orientation and serenity as to how each individual can find their way back to their inner order, ease, meaning and fulfillment in apparent chaos.

He gets his spiritual inspiration mostly from extraordinary teachers like the Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Master Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, or on journeys to India, Asia, Egypt, Emirates and Africa.

He shares his enthusiasm for “pure being in nature” in his extraordinary nature retreats at special places of power in the world: sailing meditation, desert meditation, snorkel meditation. “The Fischer Evolution programs are simply crazy and special!


Grandmaster Sifu Wong Kiew Kit,
Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia

Martial Arts, eastern philosophies and the skill to create and experience the energy flow of CHI.

Karl Grunick
K.I.  Körperintelligenz

Energy follows your attention.
The skill to control your attention is the skill to control the energy.

Dr. David B. Wolf,
Satvatove Institute, Florida, USA

Transformative Communication & Coaching
How your words affect your Body Energy

Dr. med. Philip Eckardt,

Stress is just an experience within your brain.
Neurointegrative Coaching can help to stop wasting life energy in stressful situations.

John Croft,
Gaya Foundation, West Australia

Dragon Dreaming – a TRIBAL Project Methodology to sustain the energy in teams and release collective wisdom

ZEN Master Thích Nhất Hạnh

Mindfulness helps to connect to the state of ZEN and “zero point” energy


  • Education as a Transformation Coach, Satvatove Institute, Switzerland
  • Neurointegrative Coaching, Dr. med. P. Eckardt, Neurolog Academy
  • Licensed trainer for Schirrmachergroup simulation games
  • Training Transformative Communication, Satvatove Institute, Florida, USA
  • The Five Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhat Hanh, European Institute of Applied Buddhism
  • Certified Business Trainer, Schirrmachergroup
  • Certified Shaolin Chi Kung Healer, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia
  • Diverse Classes in Inner Martial Arts: Shaolin Chi Kung, Tai Chi Juan and ZEN, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia 
  • Facilitator in Project Method Dragon Dreaming, John Croft Training
  • SAP Logistics Consultant (SD, MM, PP), Siemens
  • Master Degree Dipl. Ökotrophologe, Technical University of Munich