Adaptability, Flexibility, Agility.

Find the Key to Resilience with this Intense Sailing Retreat

Adaptability, Flexibility, Agility.

Find the Key to Resilience with this Intense Sailing Retreat

Adaptability, Flexibility, Agility.
Real Life skills for Executives and Leaders to unlock Peak Performance and Resilience.

Transform Your Leaders and Executives with this unique Sailing Retreat in Croatia

Why This Retreat?

In today’s volatile and fast-paced business environment, executives face unprecedented levels of stress and uncertainty. The constant demands of digital work and virtual collaboration can lead to significant challenges, including digital fatigue, reduced creativity, and weakened team cohesion. To combat these issues and ensure your leaders are equipped to thrive, we offer a unique solution: a one-week immersive sailing retreat designed to enhance key skills such as adaptability, flexibility, and agility through real-life experiences.

Hands on!
The only way for sustainable learning.

Invest in Your LeadersResilience

  • For six days and 5 nights, the workshop unfolds seamlessly, offering non-stop opportunities for growth and discovery. No downtime, no interruptions—just constant immersion in transformative experiences.
  • By participating in this exclusive sailing retreat, your high-performing managers and executives will return with enhanced skills, renewed energy, and a reinforced ability to lead effectively in any situation. This investment in their development is an investment in the future success and resilience of your organization.

Spaces are limited. Reserve now to secure your spot and unlock the full potential of your leadership team.

Benefits for your Organization in tough times

Our mission is to release long-lasting effects for the resilience of your organization. This training offers clear answers to the challenges of current times.

  1. Combat Digital Fatigue and Enhance Focus:
  • Problem: Prolonged screen time and constant notifications lead to mental exhaustion.
  • Solution: Sailing requires sustained attention and focus, helping participants rejuvenate their minds and bodies, returning to work more alert and productive.
  1. Improve Adaptability to Navigate Uncertainty:
  • Problem: Frequent changes and unexpected challenges can derail even the best-laid plans.
  • Solution: Real-life sailing scenarios demand adaptability, teaching executives to thrive amidst change and uncertainty, critical for navigating today’s business landscape.
  1. Foster Flexibility for Seamless Strategy Shifts:
  • Problem: Static strategies fail in dynamic environments.
  • Solution: The retreat emphasizes flexibility, enabling leaders to adjust plans effortlessly and reduce stress when faced with sudden changes.
  1. Enhance Agility for Quick, Effective Decision-Making:
  • Problem: Slow decision-making can lead to missed opportunities.
  • Solution: Sailing sharpens the ability to make swift, informed decisions, enhancing agility and ensuring your leaders can capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks efficiently.
  1. Strengthen Team Cohesion and Trust:
  • Problem: Remote work weakens team bonds.
  • Solution: Collaborative sailing tasks build strong interpersonal connections and trust, fostering a cohesive and supportive team environment.
  1. Boost Creativity and Innovation:
  • Problem: Routine digital tasks stifle creative thinking.
  • Solution: The dynamic and novel experiences of the retreat stimulate creativity and encourage innovative problem-solving.
  1. Develop Effective Communication Skills:
  • Problem: Miscommunications are frequent in virtual settings.
  • Solution: Face-to-face interactions on the boat enhance communication skills, reducing misunderstandings and improving team dynamics.
  1. Promote Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management:
  • Problem: High stress levels impact decision-making and health.
  • Solution: The retreat includes mindfulness and stress management workshops, equipping leaders with techniques to maintain composure and well-being under pressure.
  1. Encourage Self-Reflection and Personal Growth:
  • Problem: Lack of introspection leads to stagnant personal development.
  • Solution: Dedicated time for self-reflection promotes personal insights and growth, enhancing emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.
  1. Provide a Memorable, Transformative Experience:
  • Problem: Traditional training often lacks lasting impact.
  • Solution: This immersive, 24/7 real-life experience creates powerful memories and reference points, ensuring long-lasting benefits that translate directly into improved performance.

Make sure your leaders stay solid as a rock in a volatile and fast-paced business environment, and master unprecedented levels of stress and uncertainty.

What you get

  • 6 days, 5 nights on board real life training
  • practical exercises with focus on adaptability, flexibility and agility
  • rapid detection of complex situations
  • decision making under pressure
  • mastering uncertainity and loss of control
  • mental and emotional balance
  • self-reflection, feedback, self-exploration
  • enhancing comfortzones
  • self catering is part of the training
  • tour plan depending on weather conditions
  • 4 to 6 participants to guarantee intensity
  • experienced skipper, Coach Uli Fischer
  • Course Language: German or English

How we guarantee sustainable benefits

The Ultimate 24/6 Sailing and Real Life Training Experience!

Join us for a truly extraordinary experience unlike any other—a 24/6 sailing workshop set against the breathtaking backdrop of Croatia’s coastline. From the moment you step aboard until the final farewell, immerse yourself in continuous interaction, social engagement, and deep introspection.

Continuous Learning: For six days and 5 nights, the workshop unfolds seamlessly, offering non-stop opportunities for growth and discovery. No downtime, no interruptions—just constant immersion in transformative experiences.

Live-On-Board Interaction: Engage in dynamic discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborative exercises as you navigate the beautiful Croatian waters. The boat becomes our classroom, our sanctuary, and our catalyst for personal and professional development.

Introspection and Reflection: Amidst the hustle and bustle, find moments of stillness and silence for introspection and self-reflection. Active rights for relaxation and solitude ensure that every participant has the space to recharge and reconnect with themselves.

Intense Reference Experience: This workshop isn’t just about learning—it’s about experiencing. The intensity of the journey creates memories and insights that will stay with you long after the voyage ends, serving as a powerful reference point for growth in both your work and personal life.