Discover Your Next Chapter in Life

A Coach Guided Holiday Retreat for personal Life Renewal

Discover the next Chapter in your Life

A Coach Guided Holiday Retreat for personal Life Renewal

Make your Holiday a first step of your Life REshape!

Still 10-15 years until your retirement?
The best (and last?) chance to open a new chapter in your life.

Experience a 6-Day 1-1 Coach Guided Holiday Retreat for Self-Reflection and Life-Transformation

Stuck in Routines!

  • Does this sound familiar? After the holiday is before the holiday. After just 3 days back to work, you’re absorbed in your daily work routine again – emails, meetings, stress. The relaxation is gone and your life is back to the old way.
  • But actually you want to get out of this exhausting hamster wheel and your stuckness, which is costing you health, energy and vitality. the first step to Break your life routine is to break your holiday routine.

Press your PAUSE Button!

Break your standard holiday routine with this transformative combination of Holiday and Coaching!

  • In this retreat you gain clarity, if you want to open a new life chapter or not!
  • Use this time-out to take a look from the distance on your life portfolio
  • Discover new perspectives, innovative ideas, and practical steps for change.
  • Skip the usual holidays that only distract you from making real life changes.
  • This vacation is effective and marks the first step toward true transformation.
  • Return home empowered with fresh perspectives, ideas, and pathways for change.
  • Over five days, I will guide you as a transformational coach and mentor, helping you through deep reflection and transformative insights.
  • The serene environment of the Cypriot mountains, surrounded by nature’s tranquility, will help you slow down and let your creativity flow.
  • This Renewal Retreat is not only meaningful but also offers a clear return on investment.

What you get!

  • Take a break from your daily routine and enjoy a peaceful setting where you can think deeply and grow personally.
  • Increase your self-awareness and understand your values, passions, and goals better.
  • Learn how to overcome your stuckness and break free from limiting beliefs.
  • Create a personal plan to open a new chapter in life, aligned with your purpose.
  • Discover effective self-coaching methods to keep your progress going even after the retreat.

Target Audience

  • Managers, leaders, executives with 10 to 15 years until retirement, contemplating whether to start a new chapter in life or not.
  • Those seeking a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment beyond material success.
  • People ready to break free from routine by breaking their holiday routine, to explore new ideas, and consider their options for a new direction in life.

What to Expect

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Uli Fischer
  • Mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques to promote inner peace and clarity.
  • Experiential exercises and reflection to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Guidance in creating a personalized action plan for achieving your goals.


Du bist nicht allein!

Uli Fischer - Coach & Consultant for Transformation

Uli Fischer with his extensive experience as a trainer, busienss consultant and coach has masterfully developed his unique holiday retreats. They offer the perfect setting for life transformation. His retreats combine relaxation with profound personal growth, set in serene environments that foster creativity and introspection. As a experienced coach, Uli seamlessly blends his corporate expertise with his passion for personal development, creating a unique and powerful retreat experience.

Participants benefit from his empathetic approach and deep understanding of human dynamics, ensuring that each retreat is tailored to meet their individual needs. Uli’s retreats are not just vacations; they are immersive experiences designed to facilitate real change and equip participants with the tools to sustain their transformation long after the retreat ends. By integrating practical strategies with reflective practices, Uli helps attendees return home empowered, refreshed, and ready to embrace new directions in life.