When Teams go TRIBAL!

Co-Creating an “Energy Effective Team Culture”

This method is especially for Teams
who are comitted to co-create the best work-experience ever.

Breakthrough Innovation

  • requires an environment, free from inter-or intrapersonal blockages – mental, emotional, physical
  • The key to success is a culture based on natural flow of energy (beyond burnout and bore-out)
  • An organization needs to know, how to manifest this nourishing environment
  • TRIBAL CULTURE is a toolset based on natural principles to make this flow happen

How Teams move from Design Thinking and Agility to the NEXT LEVEL?

When CULTURE becomes the object of INNOVATION

design thinking and agility often relate to the design of products and services, satisfying customer needs. The TRIBAL CO-CREATION focuses on employee needs and makes culture to the key object of innovation. Tribal Teams will proactively design their own individual workplace-experience and team purpose. They will not accept a mission statement pre-defined by corporate HR initiatives. TRIBAL CO-CREATION is providing teams a process methodology and toolkit to self-facilitate their design and realization of team culture in a self-sustaining non-hierarchical way.

Why Design Thinking and agile Methods cover only half of the success?

  • “Applying agile methods does not necessarily mean you really ARE AGILE.
  • “BEING TRULY AGILE” means: raising the level of vital energy, responding more efficiently to changing conditions, increasing mental, emotional and behavioral flexibility, able to balance conflicting aspects.
  • no process to care about the energy of the individual and the team (no tool to reduce risk of widespread bore out, burn out, no sustainable project success when a phase of enthusiasm is over)
  • no tool for effective 1-1 communication (talking & listening)
  • no tool to deal with conflict and diversity -> risk not to release the 100% full wisdom, knowledge, and creativity of a team
  • no tool to collaborate in a non-hierarchical way
  • no tool to consider individual engagement and motivation
  • primarily focused on customer needs – not on employee needs and culture
  • no effective framework for providing characteristics of NEW WORK: autonomy, cooperation, diversity, democracy, community spirit, collective innovation, vitality, and health

This Method is the perfect ADD-ON for Design Thinking and Agility

By applying this toolset you will complete the full natural project life cycle.

Teams benefit from effective tools to design and sustain their culture – according to the needs of the team.

This guarantees that the level of energy remains on a healthy level, without risking the team to run into burnout or bore-out.

Releasing the natural Flow of Energy in Teams

requires a methodology based on natural principles.


1. Hyper-Innovative Teams

2. Start-up Teams

3. Teams who want to co-create their best work-experience ever

TRIBAL CULTURE CO-CREATION is inspired by the concept of the Dragon Dreaming Project Methodology which is developed by John Croft and based on Australian Aboriginal Culture. Tools and processes are based on natural principles, life cycles and needs. During the workshops many participants notice an immediate shift in energy in their body. This is what makes this method so amazingly successful and effective.

Who benefits from “GOING TRIBAL”?

The key result of applying TRIBAL CULTURE CO-CREATION is an impact on the perceivable energy in teams. The methodology is based on natural principles and by this can re-activate the energy flow within a team. The increasing rate of burnout and bore-out cases proves that the aspect of energy was completely neglected – also by innovative methods like Design Thinking (see Gallup study: only 2 out of 10 employees are still engaged).

This is why any team, who gets the allowance to co-create their best nourishing culture, will benefit from GOING TRIBAL. After the 3-day workshop the team will be able to continue and self-facilitate their process.

Such a nourishing supportive culture is elementary for start-ups and teams striving for breakthrough innovation.

Additional all future-oriented professionals will benefit, who want to experience a living example of  “energy effective culture co-creation” (e.g. Transformation Experts, Agile Coaches & Design Thinkers, Human Resources, Change Consultants, Team Coaches and Leaders).



Within the 3-day workshop, you will learn the entire cycle of the TRIBAL CULTURE CO-CREATION process. The practical experience of the toolset in the workshop enables you and your team to apply the methods to your project environment right after the workshop.

Content & Topics:

  • Why CULTURAL CO-CREATION is the missing link to breakthrough innovation and a sustainable NEW WORK culture?
  • Understanding True Agility – why Design Thinking and agile methods are only one half of success
  • Why TRIBAL? Learning from Australian Aboriginal Wisdom
  • The natural life cycle of projects
  • WIN-WIN – games & communication in projects     
  • Co-Create an energizing team mission     
  • Transforming conflicts and diversity
  • Manage and sustain the energy flow in the team
  • Increase commitment and motivation     
  • Release the full collective force: Collective wisdom, creativity, and intelligence
  • Why conventional projects fail
  • Predict project risks before starting
  • Provide the perfect team
  • When work becomes a game
  • How to use collective intuition 
  • Effective consent


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