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We serve individuals and organizations around
the world to
develop transformative skills to
enrich their life and work experiences.

Great to have you here!

“My passion is to inspire and support people to re-connect to forgotten natural skills to release their life energy.

My name is Uli Fischer

As the founder of the “ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE” Program, I am here to serve you as best as possible as your personal “travel guide” on your journey to Life Enrichment. In case you need support, have questions or ideas to improve this program, or are interested in personal 1-1 Coaching sessions, please contact me directly.

What can you learn here?

All our topics serve the one and only key objective: empower you to create a life based on natural balance, health, and purpose. As there is no hierarchical structure of the different modules, you can follow your interest and enter the program at any point. Learn essential skills around to transform the quality of your life experience in relationships, mental, emotional and physical health, personal development and spiritual growth.

My Ethics

I work with the attitude that every individual, team or organization already has all the skills and answers for the best possible solution. Access to it might be blocked. The primary goal of my work is to restore that connection and bring the resources and energies back into the flow.

About Uli

I grew up in Germany and my biggest passion as a kid and even today are to see life as a funny and creative game. I studied Nutrition and Health Sciences at Technical University Munich. After graduation, I started my career as a business consultant, health coach, and later SAP project manager.

My working and private life took me around the globe and made me a Spiritual and Digital Nomad.

Since 2009 I started to educate myself in universal skills beyond the mainstream – such as Shaolin Chi Kung, Transformative and Neuro-Integrative Coaching, Dragon Dreaming. Based on this growing interdisciplinary background I extracted the essence of skills which support people in substantial and healthy life change.

To date, I offer my courses online and in real life (offline) – 1-1 or for groups. For organizations, I work as a project manager or transformational coach.

With my relaxed and calm personality, I find ways to best serve my clients. From this experience, I started Online Courses and Coaching where I help people to self-empowerment, self-healing, and self-realization.

Today, when I do not spend my time with my clients, I enjoy moments in nature and silence.


Business Consultant, Transformative Coach and Shaolin ChiKung Healer

During my 15 years of Business Consulting and Project Management, I’ve learned that 90% of the problems in projects are human and interpersonal. According to my experience I expanded my expertise to support others in intra- and interpersonal skills.

Simce 20 years I explored the nature of human transformation. My experiential development prpgrams are deeply rooted in my multidisciplinary background of 15+ year expertise in international Project Management and Senior Consulting for Business Process Efficiency, Individual and Team Coach for Transformation, Trainer for Transformative Communication, Shaolin inner Martial Arts.

As a “Travel Guide”, Coach and Consultant I take Teams, Organizations and Individuals on a transformative journey for cultural and self-transformation.


  • Education as a Transformation Coach, Satvatove Institute, Switzerland
  • Neurointegrative Coaching, Dr. med. P. Eckardt, Neurolog Academy
  • Licensed trainer for Schirrmachergroup simulation games
  • Training Transformative Communication, Satvatove Institute, Florida, USA
  • The Five Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhat Hanh, European Institute of Applied Buddhism
  • Certified Business Trainer, Schirrmachergroup
  • Certified Shaolin Chi Kung Healer, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia
  • Diverse Classes in Inner Martial Arts: Shaolin Chi Kung, Tai Chi Juan and ZEN, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia 
  • Facilitator in Project Method Dragon Dreaming, John Croft Training
  • SAP Logistics Consultant (SD, MM, PP), Siemens
  • Master Degree Dipl. Ökotrophologe, Technical University of Munich


for being here. Without you, I couldn’t have done any of this. Hearing success stories from clients who’ve achieved profound and substantial life change is an inspiring part of my work.

Thank you,

Uli Fischer