001_About Uli Fischer – Trainer Coach for Transformation EN

“Digital and Human Transformation are two sides of the same coin. You can’t separate them. To achieve breakthrough innovation you need to set the right culture.


Dipl. oec. troph.  Uli Fischer


“I support individuals and teams in organizations with their personal transformation and evolution processes.

My Ethics

I work with the attitude that every individual, team or organization already has all the skills and answers for the best possible solution. Access to it might be blocked. The primary goal of my work is to restore that connection and bring the resources and energies back into the flow.

Synergy of Natural Energy Expert, Business Consultant and Coach for Transformation

During my 15 years of Business Consulting and Project Management, I’ve learned that 90% of the problems in projects are human and interpersonal. According to my experience I expanded my expertise to support others in intra- and interpersonal skills.

Simce 20 years I explored the nature of human transformation. My experiential development prpgrams are deeply rooted in my multidisciplinary background of 15+ year expertise in international Project Management and Senior Consulting for Business Process Efficiency, Individual and Team Coach for Transformation, Trainer for Transformative Communication, Shaolin inner Martial Arts.

As a “Travel Guide”, Coach and Consultant I take Teams, Organizations and Individuals on a transformative adventure trip for cultural and self-transformation.

My Clients…

  • want to achieve breakthrough innovation by setting the right culture, maximize creative and inuitive flow
  • want to become a master in self-transformation or cultural co-creation
  • are open minded for courageous introspection to initiate a deep cultural transformation powered by trust, authenticity and collective wisdom.

Expect an unconventional, creative and effective experience

My clients value my humorous, unconventional and innovative “beyond-the-box thinking”, which is rooted in my diverse background of nature science, eastern and western medicine, neuroscience, martial arts, energy healing, spiritual philosophies. I offer 15 years of experience as an international SAP consultant, process and project manager combined with my methods as trainer and coach for individual and cultural change, innovation, empathy and transformative communication.


Grandmaster Sifu Wong Kiew Kit,
Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia

Principles of Martial Arts can be used for wise and successful interaction.

Karl Grunick
K.I.  Körperintelligenz

Energy follows your attention.

Dr. David B. Wolf,
Satvatove Institute, Florida, USA

Transformative Communication & Coaching

Dr. med. Philip Eckardt,

“The brain is always envolved” – Neurointegrative Coaching,  -> more

John Croft,
Gaya Foundation, West Australia

Dragon Dreaming Project Methodology, Sustainability, Empty Centered Organizations

ZEN Master Thích Nhất Hạnh

The 5 Mindfulness Trainings


  • Education as a Transformation Coach, Satvatove Institute, Switzerland
  • Neurointegrative Coaching, Dr. med. P. Eckardt, Neurolog Academy
  • Licensed trainer for Schirrmachergroup simulation games
  • Training Transformative Communication, Satvatove Institute, Florida, USA
  • The Five Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhat Hanh, European Institute of Applied Buddhism
  • Certified Business Trainer, Schirrmachergroup
  • Certified Shaolin Chi Kung Healer, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia
  • Diverse Classes in Inner Martial Arts: Shaolin Chi Kung, Tai Chi Juan and ZEN, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia 
  • Facilitator in Project Method Dragon Dreaming, John Croft Training
  • SAP Logistics Consultant (SD, MM, PP), Siemens
  • Master Degree Dipl. Ökotrophologe, Technical University of Munich