Connect, Listen, be yourself.

Communicate to transform!

The Power of Conscious Living
and Self-Discovery.

Understanding who you are

We are often not aware about our patterns and habits in communication. Neither we are conscious about the effects we create for others and ourselves. We are often on “auto-pilot”. At the same time communication always is a view into the mirror where we can see ourselves. Conscious communication is not only about understanding the other person, but also our own true nature.

Listening as a Service to others

It lies in our human nature to help others. If we find ways to serve others we feel fulfilled and connected with a deeper purpose. Experience in the seminar how to use transformative communication to serve others. In daily life we often use roadblocks to effective listening which prevents us of feeling deeply connected to the other person.

Communication as an instrument to
create fulfilled relationships

Fulfilled relationships, fulfilled life

A study from HARVARD University proves that successful relationships are a key resource for health and happiness. To create a high quality of working relationships, whether in private life together with your family, partner, friends or in work-life with employees or colleagues. With our words, we shape the quality of our relationships, and with the quality of our relationships shape or life experience.

Communication as practical tool
for self-development
& empowerment

Nourishing Energy of being Authentic

In our lives, we often use survival strategies. We play roles or put on masks in order to achive a pay-off e.g. feeling loved, keeping the harmony. The result on a energetic level is, that people might love our mask, but not for being who we really are. Their energetic response is not hitting our true core, our heart. Only if we find ways to express who we really are, our environment is able to respond in a way which feels nourishing for us.

Applied universal Principles

Transformative communication is based on universal principles of Indian Vedic wisdom. It provides practical tools for transformation applicable in daily life situations, supporting personal growth. In this context, some people call transformative communication the Yoga of Communication. You do not use your body, but your words, as an instrument for self-exploration and self-realization. In the workshop you experience, how to connect to yourself and to others on a deeper level.



Experience Transformative Communication as a set of tools and processes for connecting to people in real life, insights about yourself and others and personal development. In the course, you will do a lot of practical processes and experience how to create a magical space to support each other to connect to our real potential. The concept of Transformative Communication is developed by Dr. B. David Wolf / Satvatove Institute / USA.

Content & Topics:

  • Roadblocks of effective communication
  • A formular for effective non-verbal communication
  • Empathic Listening
  • The self-correcting communication process
  • Power of silence
  • Assertiveness
  • Feedback, immediacy and withholds
  • How agreements impact self-esteem and trust
  • Examining perspectives and assumptions
  • Identifying Grungies & Payoffs
  • How expectations affect guilt and rejection
  • Strategies of Living and Survival
  • The energetic effect of playing Games
  • Universal principle of achieving goals and overcoming obstacles


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Communication happens always and everywhere. She challenges us and we can always learn again. In this book, David B. Wolf describes a universal approach to powerful and fulfilling relationship design – the way we all wish to interact with our family, friends, partners, and work colleagues. Using the Transformative Communication approach, David Wolf describes a way to recognize our essence as spiritual beings while pursuing our goals in all areas of our lives. If you apply these strategies for conscious life, you will find courage, inspiration, and wisdom to create profound changes in your life and environment.

Listen to a podcast with Dr. W. David Wolf, Satvatove Institute, Florida USA