Lifting up the Iceberg – the method to set your culture for breakthrough Innovation

Set your culture for Breakthrough Innovation

NO! This is not just about innovation!
This is about breakthrough innovation. Disruptive ideas based on intuition which take you beyond. Everybody who knows a little bit about neuro-science can imagine that intuitive ideas require a certain set of environment. An atmosphere where everybody feels absolutely free from any mental and emotional stress. A similar relaxed experience that you have while taking a shower, where some of us have the best ideas.

Invisible Innovation Killers

It is scientifically proven that peak performance is happening in a state of flow, not by applying more pressure. Any symptoms of bore-out or burnout in teams or individuals will sabotage your goal of becoming disruptive creative. So, it is your task to set the right culture and environment. Most of the stress drivers in a culture are invisible. Some people are wasting energy to keep up masks or play survival games. If so, this loss of energy is weakening your creative force. Regarding to the Iceberg-Model the most severe innovation-killers are below the waterline. To detect and transform them is the way!


What makes a Flow Culture for Innovation so special?

One key characteristic of team flow is the high and pure quality of relationships. They are free from drama and emotional stress. They are somehow clean and communication can flow openly. Nothing is hold back, nothing is suppressed, everything is possible. This is the environment helping your brain to relax and enter a state of peaceful collective flow.

Lifting-up the Iceberg – How to clean relationships and bring your Culture into Flow

In my workshops and team coachings I guide teams to explore the land of the unknown. Together we lift-up the unknown part of the iceberg, making the invisible visible. Everybody can experience some specific tools to effectively transform what is blocking the relationship (e.g. sharing withholds, expressing immediacy). For sure, before we start with this sometimes challenging adventure. it is absolutely essential to carefully set-up a space of trust and confidentiality within the group.

Uli Fischer

Trainer and Coach for Human Transformation and Cultural Evolution