High-Tech and High-Touch skills, to make IT projects more cost effective

10% Technology – 90% People

If you ever worked in an IT (e.g. SAP) project you know this:

  • tons of emails over several weeks to get a decision
  • communication ping pong
  • wasted time in meetings
  • endless discussions between IT and business
  • misunderstandings
  • conflicting objectives between stakeholders
  • and so on…

90% of challenges, time and cost drivers in IT projects are not technical but people issues.

At least my over 15 year experience in SAP projects as project manager and Business Consultant prove:

It is all about communication and high quality relationships.

Why are we collectively working against our experience?

The answer is not easy. This behavioural pattern seems more stupid than wise. Usually the objectives of IT projects is increase business processes effectiveness and business intelligence. At the same time the way we run IT projects looks more the opposite. Even if all the IT Project Managers, stakeholder or project members know about this fact, nobody seems to learn from it. We feel as helpless and headless chickens, just able to continue the same way. Is this practicing what we preach?

How to make IT and SAP Projects dramatically effective?

This answer is easy. Simply by focusing your first activities on the most important part, setting the best foundation to avoid later bumps and detours, when you go down the road. If you build a house, you probably won’t start with the roof.

If intra- and inter-personal issues are likely to become time and energy vampires in projects, it is good to have people with transformative skills in the team.

SAP Projects run by Transformative Competence

To make the project culture of a mid-size project effective and smooth, it is good to have at least the project leader and some key project members (e.g. two from business and two from the technical team) trained in Transformative Competence.

What is holding us back to apply the same intelligence we use for Design Thinking? The first stage of Design thinking is “Empathize” – meaning to gain an empathic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. E.g. meeting effectiveness would boost if discussions between business and IT experts would be grounded on “empathic dialogue”.  This is just one element of Transformative Competence.

The workshop offers a wide range to experience tools and processes of transforming yourself and relationships.

Note: Please be aware.
This is all about transformation. There is no guarantee that you will return as the same person as you came in.

Transformative Competence.

the seminar experience.

You want to enhance your transformative skills to make your IT projects more brilliant and cost effective?

This seminar is dedicated to project managers and all key players in IT projects (business & IT) who want to develop their transformative intra- and inter-personal skills and competence.

All you need is to send an email and I will provide you with more details.

Uli Fischer

Trainer and Coach for Human Transformation and Cultural Evolution with 15 years SAP experience.

contact: uli@fischer-evolution.com