Courageous Introspection – Transformative Workshops to make your Team more disruptive

Courageous Introspection – How Transformative Workshops can help your Team to become more disruptive


Disruptive Cultures know how to transform Fear into Creativity. Their secret method: Courageous Introspection!


Fact: Fear is a Top Killer of Innovation

Fear is the number one emotion holding teams and individuals back from breakthrough innovation and creative flow. In daily business and life we waste 90% of our energy with playing games based on fear.

Often we keep up masks for survival

This is a selection popular examples:

  • Putting on a smile to maintain the appearance of control
  • Holding back our rage as we might not know appropriate ways to express it
  • Not asking for help – fear to appear incompetent or feeling not being enough
  • Mask of looking good – fear to show our vulnerability
  • Blaming others, feeling as victim – fear to take full responsibility
  • Suppressing own emotions and intuition – fear to act consistent and assertive

The Ostrich Strategy does not work

Playing the ostrich by putting the head into the sand, hoping that emotions which are there will magically disappear is clearly not transformative.

All these emotions are existent as energy in the entire corporate field and they are even detectable by others. They will find their own ways to come out.

We suppress emotions in order to control them. In fact they are controlling us. Imagine yourself pressing down a beach ball below the water. When the ball starts moving a little bit, you start moving too and you need a lot of energy to keep the beach ball under the water. Instead when you let the ball go the energy is released and the ball shoots out of the water. The energy was fixated before. This is exactly the effect of cultural evolution facilitated by a Transformative Coach and Expert.

If a collective culture at the workplace suppresses this big part of unpleasant emotions they cut off themselves from the true flow of life and by this also from the creative flow. In such a culture where hidden or unconscious blockages are still in place and nobody takes care to detect and release them breakthrough innovation is based on random but not on a best practice cultural framework.

These Toxins are affecting your innovative Force

Disruptors know, that all unknown, unexpressed or actively suppressed unpleasant emotions are blocking the flow of creativity. Regarding to the iceberg model about 90% of unconscious invisible factors are controlling the quality of our life and work experience. The more you make the invisible “toxins” visible, transforming them, the more alive becomes your culture.

The key skill of Transformation Experts is to guide teams and individuals to the land of the unknown emotions and support their transformation. E.g. pain, fear, being a victim, worry, frustration, confusion, disappointment, depression.


How Courageous Introspection supports your cultural Evolution

The two success drivers for effective Transformative Workshops are:

  1. Increase awareness of unpleasant emotions
  2. Transform unpleasant emotions

Truly disruptive teams are radically aiming for awareness and elimination of innovation blockages. They have even fun and enjoy the kick of adrenalin to dive deeper facing the unknown truth.

Eliminating the enemies of a creative Flow: Bore-out and Burnout

A positive side-effect of Courageous Introspection is that you will also clean up the deeper sources driving Bore-out and Burnout symptoms at the workplace. Both of them are sabotaging the innovation flow. If people are low on energy or feel under pressure their brains can not be perceptive for intution. The key root causes for bore-out and burnout are:

  • cutting us off from our emotions and life experience
  • and wasting a maximum of individual and collective energy to play meaningless games based on fear

Workshops to turn Strategies for Survival into Strategies for Life

My coaching and training programs are supporting teams and individuals in organizations to transform survival games into a full commitment to life.The workshops are offering an experiential playground to have “fun and explore life”.

If you and your team feel ready for a courageous introspection workshop please get in touch and I am happy to guide you through this experience.

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