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NEW Holiday for LIFE reView and reMake

Am I in my life where I want to be? Many people ask themselves this question. Only a few take time for an answer. Use your next vacation for Life ...
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NEW Transformative Communication

Transformative Communication Listen to yourself first! How Listening to yourself and others can transform your Life Experience The transforming power of communication is not talking, but listening. View into the ...
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NEW TRIBAL Culture Co-Creation for Start-up’s

When agile Teams go TRIBAL! Take the next level of team culture co-creation How TRIBAL Teams use dreams and good vibes to create fun & breakthrough innovation WARNING! This method ...
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My name is Uli Fischer, as a facilitator for human transformation and focused on transforming individual and collective “energetic experience”. I am passionate to support individuals, teams, and organizations with practical tools and skills for Self-Transformation, Self-Empowerment, and Self-Healing.


  • 17+ years as Business Consultant and Project Manager (SAP)
  • Transformative Coach (Satvatove Institute, USA)
  • Shaolin Martial Arts / Chi Kung Healing (Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia)
  • Neuro-Integrative Coaching (Dr. med. P. Eckardt, Germany)
  • Dragon Dreaming Facilitator (John Croft, Australia)


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