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This is a transformative New Work Experience!

An intense Leadership & Team Transformation Program of New Work


A highly effective approach to make your organization and young leaders
outrageously successful by implementing the essence and energy of New Work





Choose your transformative Experience

WARNING: This is not shallow theory!
Our programs are experience– and insight-based learning adventures.
They include courageous introspection and purposeful action.
You can gain transformative and energetic effects in real-time.

The Power of conscious Living to energize your Life – Transformative Holiday Retreat

Are you happy in this modern world? Is there somethin' you're searchin' for? No matter if you're 18, 25, 35 or 55! Many people ask themselves these questions. Only a few take time to answer ...
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Uplifting Relationships only! Experience the magic effects of Transformative Communication

Intense and transforming 3-day Workshop experience for Individuals and Teams of the new generation Practical hands-on tools of communication for Self-Discovery, Self-Transformation and Relationship Excellence. Understanding who you are We are often not aware about ...
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NEW WORK Teams go beyond – How Tribal Culture Co-Creation boosts innovative force and energy

A 3-day Workshop for teams to co-create the best work-experience ever. This is for Teams to go "super-natural", striving for a highly energized team flow, to maximize innovative force and effectiveness. Breakthrough Innovation requires an ...
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You missed this Leadership Training

this is how purpose, passion and social impact feel like! 

Our intensive New Work Training for Young Leaders in Croatia September 2019

Apply with your team for the

Sailing Seminar Experience 2020!

This is the most intense, profound and transformative New Work Leadership Training Program ever.

New Work has to be an emotional experience, driven by purpose, passion and social impact. To bring this spirit to your organization your leaders first need to know, how this feels and how they can create such a work-experience.
And this is exactly what this intense seminar is about. It is a touchable prototype for the New Work spirit and energy.
In this program young leaders will learn highly effective tools about how to transform themselves, 1-1 relationships and team culture in order to raise the energy level. To make young talents the leaders of tomorrow is a smart way to bring New Work Culture into your organization and increase effectiveness, breakthrough innovation, attraction for young generations and gaining competitive advantage.

June 2020 (7 days x 24 hrs) – only 6 seats per team available!

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“I support individuals and organizations
to re-connect to their transformative skills
and enrich their life and work
with purpose and energy.

WELCOME!  My name is Uli Fischer, as a facilitator for human transformation my mission is to bring back energy to individuals and teams. Since the western world does not offer any concept of “life energy” I studied over many years Shaolin Martial Arts and eastern philosophies to get an experience of “CHI”. In combination with my educations in Nature Science and Neuro-Integration this gave me the essential expertise as “Energy Facilitator” to train individuals and teams from the West, to release this natural flow.


  • 17+ years as Business Consultant and Project Manager (SAP) and Transformative Coach
  • Eastern Philosophy & Shaolin Martial Arts / Chi Kung Healing (Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia)
  • Tribal Team Facilitator (Dragon Dreaming)
  • Neuro-Integrative Coaching


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