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UPGRADE your LIFE – ESCAPE to a better reality:

Global dynamics, uncertainty and unpredictability in economical, political and private life areas are increasing exponentially.
Possessing and applying transformative skills, will not only help to survive in a chaotic environment, but even more, give your life experience back what it is meant to be.

The listed Wokshops, Seminars and Coaching Programs are available for everybody who wamts to release the creative force in life.

“LIFE 4.0 – Boost your Life Intensity”  (Trailer)

Create deep Relationships

“Transformative Communication”

Experience the new generation of communication and how you can much deeper connections to yourself and others.

Empower & re-invent yourself

Transformative Coaching

You are fed-up with your job? You are striving for more purpose in life? My discrete coaching can support you to read better what life is telling you and how to find fulfilment.

Master of Life Energy

“Principles of Self-Healing” Workshop

Everybody can access natural Self-Healing skills. Experience a compact “Best of Essence” how to release blockages in your body and life.

From Diversity to collective Force

Cultural Self-Transformation

How teams can co-create their own culture for sustainable success with project tools and methods based on natural and universal principles.

Transform Stress

Neurointegrative Coaching

Stress is an inner experience created by the brain. This method resets your brain to the natural state, leading to a natural experience and response.


Life Re-Make!

Holiday Retreats

Make your holiday a life changing event. Get out of your rat-race and use this one-week program to review your life from the distance and connect with new ideas.

Dipl. oec. troph. Uli Fischer


“My 15 years+ experience as international SAP and Business Consultant, Project Manager and Process Manager help me to sense and optimize the force-field of todays business world.


With my Coaching- and Training-Programs I support individuals, teams, organizations worldwide, who are committed and courageous enough to grow and develop themselves.

My programs offer an unique “best of package”, creating an experience which takes clients beyond mental boxes to explore and experience the “land of the unknown”. Please do not expect stuff you can learn at universities.

The essence of my programs is rooted in a combination of 15+ years as an international Senior Business Consultant, my experience as a Transformative Coach and Trainer and an interdisciplinary education including Nature Sciences, Medicine, Neuro-Science, Energy Healing, eastern philosophies and Martial Arts.

Looking forward to inspire you.

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According to the uniqueness of our clients our philosophy is to treat every request individually and discrete.
Please get in touch with us directly to develop the best fitting program for you.