RELATIONSHIP TRANSFORMATION for New Work, Leadership & Teams

Transformation of Relationships!

Essential skills with real-time effect!
for Managers, Agile Coaches and Innovation Teams


re-connect to the natural principles of relationships.





The Quality of Relationships becomes a Corporate Survival Factor!

  • Organizations not overcoming visible or invisible roadblocks in relationships, will be on high risk to disrupt themselves.

  • Managers, Agile Coaches, Teams and HR need profound skills to detect and transform relationship in real-time!

Critical Relationships and their Impact on Competiveness

  • risk to lose your current work force: blockages in the relationship between manager and employee will directly impact employee engagement (Gallup 2019). Disengaged employees work less efficient, and have higher absenteeism or will quit.
  • risk to lose your future work force: blockages in relationships towards Young Generations will let you run out of employees soon
  • risk to lose your future markets and revenue: blocked relationships in innovation teams kill the collective creative flow. Innovation output will be of low quality.,274050
  • see article Manager Seminare, Nov. 2019 “Relationale Energie”

Choose your transformative Program

Our programs are experience– and insight-based learning adventures.
They include courageous introspection and purposeful action.
You can gain transformative and energetic effects in real-time.

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“I support individuals and organizations
to re-connect to their transformative skills
and enrich their life and work
with purpose and energy.

WELCOME!  My name is Uli Fischer, as a facilitator for human transformation my mission is to bring back energy to individuals and teams. Since the western world does not offer any concept of “life energy” I studied over many years Shaolin Martial Arts and eastern philosophies to get an experience of “CHI”. In combination with my educations in Nature Science and Neuro-Integration this gave me the essential expertise as “Energy Facilitator” to train individuals and teams from the West, to release this natural flow.


  • 17+ years as Business Consultant and Project Manager (SAP) and Transformative Coach
  • Eastern Philosophy & Shaolin Martial Arts / Chi Kung Healing (Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Malaysia)
  • Tribal Team Facilitator (Dragon Dreaming)
  • Neuro-Integrative Coaching


I am happy to hear from you.